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Noun1.analytic thinking - the abstract separation of a whole into its constituent parts in order to study the parts and their relationsanalytic thinking - the abstract separation of a whole into its constituent parts in order to study the parts and their relations
abstract thought, logical thinking, reasoning - thinking that is coherent and logical
partitioning, breakdown - an analysis into mutually exclusive categories
cost-benefit analysis - an analysis of the cost effectiveness of different alternatives in order to see whether the benefits outweigh the costs
dissection - a minute and critical analysis
reasoning by elimination, elimination - analysis of a problem into alternative possibilities followed by the systematic rejection of unacceptable alternatives
reductionism - the analysis of complex things into simpler constituents
systems analysis - analysis of all aspects of a project along with ways to collect information about the operation of its parts
trend analysis - analysis of changes over time
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I am so pleased to have Jaime on the team and am extremely confident that the enthusiasm, analytic thinking and strong leadership she brings to this role will result in great things for our Enterprise," said Lisa Corless, chief administrative officer of Accident Fund Holdings.
We need to train and educate our intelligence analysts on their analytic thinking (gray-matter) swing mechanics, and instill a rigorous and structured analytic battle rhythm that increases and improves analytic efficiencies.
Empathetic and analytic thinking are, at least to some extent, mutually exclusive in the brain," he said.
Further, as part of the university's mission to enhance analytic thinking among all students, plans are underway for undergraduates in the Broad College to participate in the first-ever IBM Watson case study curriculum.
The ability to identify and solve unstructured problems, a capacity for inquiry, research and analytic thinking, and the ability to anticipate and adapt to change are the three most important professional competencies for current accounting hires.
Students were judged on their scientific knowledge, ability to understand new ideas and scientific and analytic thinking.
They are from various walks of life, though many of them are in academic fields such as philosophy that encourage analytic thinking and clear writing.
The second is rigorous critical and analytic thinking, to include questioning assumptions and prevailing wisdom.
Rarely have my powers of perception, judgement and analytic thinking been so much in demand.
These range from intuitive perceptions, which arise automatically in the course of one's activities and provide useful approximations, to analytic thinking, a conscious scrutiny of cues relevant to a specific problem that has an exact solution.
Reflexive consciousness, analytic thinking, the attempt to grasp myself in the act of being myself, is thus always serial, repetitive, productive only of a sum of contiguous parts.

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