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1. Relating to, having, or producing different optical imaging effects along mutually perpendicular radii: an anamorphic lens.
2. Of or relating to a widescreen film or video that has been converted to a storage format with a lower aspect ratio by shrinking the image only along the horizontal axis in order to minimize loss of resolution: an anamorphic DVD for widescreen televisions.

[ana- + -morph + -ic.]

an′a·mor′phism (-fĭz′əm) n.


(Geological Science) of, relating to, or caused by anamorphosis or anamorphism


(ˌæn əˈmɔr fɪk)

1. Optics. having or producing unequal magnifications along two axes perpendicular to each other: an anamorphic lens.
2. of or pertaining to anamorphosis.
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Adj.1.anamorphic - pertaining to gradual evolution from one type of organism to another
2.anamorphic - pertaining to a kind of distorting optical systemanamorphic - pertaining to a kind of distorting optical system; "an anamorphic lense"
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The artwork is done in anamorphic style - using scraps, abstract pieces to create an optical illusion - and is 210cm high and 100cm wide including the base.
Top artists from 18 countries will show their artworks that illustrate anamorphic 3D art, mural, object art, tape art and 3D sand art.
Panavision's vast inventory of advanced large-format and anamorphic optics combined with RED's MONSTRO imager expands what's possible, allowing filmmakers to create radically inventive and powerfully cinematic images, customised for the needs of the project and the vision of creative teams.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Anamorphic Lenses Eligibility Criteria : Bids should be from actual manufacturers.
The GDN previously reported that the 25-year-old Indian artist already holds a Guinness record as part of a team that created the world's largest 3D anamorphic painting in Florida in 2015.
Also, High-Resolution Anamorphic mode, which enables video recording in 18-mega effective pixels, is added.
Their topics include stretched skulls: anamorphic games and the Momento Mortem Mortis; the blind spots: The Phantom Pain, The Helen Keller Simulator, and disability in games; and breaking the metagame: feminist spoilsports and magic circle jerks.
He deploys anamorphic lenses to shoot 35mm film in Thailand, which stands in for Indonesia; a digital camera and anamorphic lenses record most of the U.
The Battle for Christmas Morning" received expert guidance from famed cinematographer Daniel Mindel and was shot on an all-new anamorphic camera lens and aspect ratio--which, according to Duracell, has only been used on the new Star Wars film previously.
There the Airport Fairgrounds will play host to the creation of the largest 3-D anamorphic street painting in the country (we're talking an attempt at the Guinness World Record, seriously).
In this volume, "widescreen" means first and foremost anamorphic processes--CinemaScope and its imitators--but there are a few exceptions to that generalization.
Other chapters cover the use of Zernike circle polynomials for non-circular pupils, anamorphic systems, and numerical wavefront analysis.