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Adj.1.anapaestic - (of a metric foot) characterized by two short syllables followed by a long one
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Browning embodied this "fancy" in the poem's famously propulsive anapaestic meter and in his speaker's journey, even though, as he stated forty years later, he was not certain how the speaker would get to where he was going: because Browning "had no map, and wrote swiftly .
But in Ultra-Crepidarius, his verse satire on Gifford, he translated his ire into bouncing anapaestic couplets full of relaxed Cockney fun.
In place of the thirty-one lines of anapaestic dimeter of the Latin, Studley has thirty-seven lines rhyming in the pattern ababcdcd.
He thus produces a graphical visualization of sound patterns associated with four metrical feet (trochaic, iambic, anapaestic, and dactyl), which readers/users can freely recombine [Fig.
Kinsella has predominantly used anapaestic and dactylic metrical feet, a technique which evokes both the sea's rhythmic, repeated pattern and its maelstrom of clashing forces.