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A sudden, usually systemic allergic reaction, characterized by vasodilation resulting in decreased blood pressure, smooth muscle contraction resulting in shortness of breath, and hives, caused by hypersensitivity induced by a secondary exposure to a foreign substance, such as a drug or protein, after an initial sensitizing exposure.

an′a·phy·lac′tic (-lăk′tĭk), an′a·phy·lac′toid (-toid) adj.
an′a·phy·lac′ti·cal·ly adv.


adj anafilactoide
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Anaphylactoid purpura, also called Henoch-Schonleinpurpura (HSP), is a rare, often benign, IgA-mediated vasculitis that is preceded by an upper respiratory tract infection and presents with the tetrad of abdominal pain, arthralgia/arthritis, purpuric rash, and renal involvement.
Although anaphylactoid reactions to midazolam have been reported, no serologic or cutaneous testing was performed.
There is no evidence regarding cross reactivity between shellfish allergy and anaphylactoid reaction to contrast.
All iron replacement products have potential life-threatening anaphylactoid reactions (e.
Two patients on resli zumab had anaphylactoid reactions, neither requiring epinephrine.
Sometimes it's also called allergic purpura or anaphylactoid purpura.
Two cases of anaphylactoid reaction after administration of sugammadex.
Anaphylactoid reaction to intravenous hydrocortisone sodium succinate.
This may lead to free iron reactions, which are anaphylactoid in nature, but should not be confused with true allergic reactions seen with some IV iron products.
Anaphylactoid reactions are clinically similar, but are not IgE mediated.