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An adherent of anarchy or a leader practicing it.

[Back-formation from anarchy.]


archaic an instigator or personification of anarchy


(ˈæn ɑrk)

1. the leader of a revolt.
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Thus SATAN; and him thus the Anarch old With faultring speech and visage incompos'd Answer'd.
The anarch is a stronger and more developed beacon of personal power and freedom.
Matthew Arnold, Culture and Anarch and Other Writings.
Meet the world proudly, that I may be proud, Put your will upon the anarch crowd; Direct the powers of your destiny.
In a world where history were truly running backwards, the Anarch would have to relive his life all the way back to his birth, rather than being killed right after his re-birth.
Facing the statue, turn left and go along the A547 under anarch then turn left into Cadnant Park.
Forster's pragmatism--his anti-idealism, his liberal-humanist commitment to communicative reason, his role as a "moralist of the possible"--would never endorse any anarch ic flight out of time.
Parasites and anarchs, disruptors of marriage, their prey was almost always male.
We must strive to become paradoxical, explosive beings: sexual citizens, lawyer anarchs.