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Noun1.anathematisation - the formal act of pronouncing (someone or something) accursed
banishment, proscription - rejection by means of an act of banishing or proscribing someone
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The conflicts of the day between tolerance and anathematisation -- so reminiscent of those of our own time -- are seamlessly embodied in the events," he said.
There are adequate enough arguments in contemporary British law and also in the new European law to which Great Britain is now subject, for striking down those sections of the Act of Settlement of 1701 devoted to the Anathematisation of the Papacy and the Church of Rome; but surely that is better left to British courts if and when the issue of a Roman Catholic succession should arise concretely, in the future?
Because of the instant and long-lasting (until anathematisation by the Second Council of Constantinople, 553) Origenist Controversy, plus his forbidding prolixity, most of this vast output is lost or survives only in not always reliable Latin translations.