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Noun1.anchor rope - the chain or rope that attaches an anchor to a vesselanchor rope - the chain or rope that attaches an anchor to a vessel
chain - a series of (usually metal) rings or links fitted into one another to make a flexible ligament
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On my command, Bryce Schmidt was soon dropping our boat's 16-pound Danforth anchor and letting out 350 feet of 3/4-inch anchor rope," McFadden said.
The engine of the speedboat carrying ten Chinese tourists hit the anchor rope of the other vessel, killing the two men at the scene, said Arun Prompan commander of tourist police for Chon Buri province.
During his years on the Minehead crew, David was involved in well over 150 rescues, and was commended for a particularly outstanding cliff rescue, when he cut off the lifeboat's anchor rope to lower a stranded walker to safety.
Sniff it or ask your supplier before purchase I haven't tried used anchor rope, but I doubt residual salt-water would make any difference.
The lounge includes atlas wall art, giant glass candles holders with anchor rope details, deck-style flooring and blue and yellow striped materials.
You can also let out more anchor rope to fish farther back of the boat and farther left and right of the original anchor point.
People appeared as if by magic to shorten tip his anchor rope and tighten tip his mooring lines for safety.
He got more adventure than he bargained for - from a crewman wanted by New Zealand authorities to a snapping anchor rope causing the vessel to smash its hull on rocks.
Anchor rode is the leader between anchor and anchor rope, typically a chain.
He released the anchor rope so the boat could drift downstream as Garner fought the fish in heavy current.
The crew managed to reach him on a sandbank and had to cut his anchor rope to free the vessel, before towing it back to Conwy on Saturday afternoon.
The seven, from Osaka and Aichi prefectures, had been scuba diving Sunday afternoon when their boat, which was anchored nearby, ran aground on a rocky area near the cliff after the anchor rope snapped.