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an·cient 1

1. Of, relating to, or belonging to times long past, especially before the fall of the Western Roman Empire (ad 476): ancient cultures. See Synonyms at old.
2. Of great age; very old: "The males live up to six months—positively ancient, for a bee" (Elizabeth Royte).
3. Archaic Having the qualities associated with age, wisdom, or long use; venerable: "You seem a sober, ancient Gentleman by your habit" (Shakespeare).
1. A very old person.
2. A person who lived in times long past.
3. ancients
a. The peoples of the classical nations of antiquity.
b. The ancient Greek and Roman authors.

[Middle English auncien, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *anteānus : Latin ante, before; see ant- in Indo-European roots + -ānus, adj. and n. suff.]

an′cient·ly adv.
an′cient·ness n.

an·cient 2

1. Archaic An ensign; a flag.
2. Obsolete A flag-bearer or lieutenant.

[Alteration of ensign.]
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Noun1.ancientness - extreme oldnessancientness - extreme oldness      
oldness - the quality of being old; the opposite of newness
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And Jerry, far-journeyer across life and across the history of all life that goes to make the world, strugglingly mastering the abysmal slime of the prehistoric with the love that had come into existence and had become warp and woof of him in far later time, his wrath of ancientness still faintly reverberating in his throat like the rumblings of a passing thunder-storm, knew, in the wide warm ways of feeling, the augustness and righteousness of Skipper.
The content of the first folio thus fulfills an important function by providing a suggestion of ancientness, concreteness, and currency in substitution for the author-function.
The mystery of the journey here encompasses both the ancientness of the three topologies in their eastern dress, as well as their relocated western guise in our own time.
It is defined in terms of ancientness, pastness and a pristine existence that is frozen in the archives of immemoriality.
Well, I do have to go all over the country but I'm always glad to get back to the mountains of Eryri and their ancientness .
A glowing, constant green - evidence of ancientness, non-intervention, and constant rain.
There are areas of theWelsh countryside that are reminiscent of New Zealand, especially in the South Island of New Zealand that looks like Wales with the hills and coastline - there's an ancientness about the countryside there that is a bit more raw here.
I found myself touched and stirred by what they were doing--its ancientness, its contemporaneity.
Both are ancient creations in themselves and are imbued with great strength and power, which seems to spring directly from their ancientness.
Referring to the 300-year ancientness of Isfahan University, he said that the university is among the pioneers of producing science and knowledge adding that Karachi Pakistan is interested to enjoy the experiences of the Iranian counterpart.
But whereas visual artists of the '90s straightforwardly framed "relations" that were part of the fabric of the everyday (eating, getting a massage, organizing information on a corkboard, and so on) by displacing them into the space of the gallery, Clark grafts the palpable immediacy of relational space onto the ancientness of his symbolic medium.