Anecdotes considered as a group.


1. anecdotes collectively
2. jocular talkative or garrulous old age
[from anecdote + -age, with play on dotage]


(ˈæn ɪkˌdoʊ tɪdʒ)

anecdotes collectively.


old age, when a person may be prone to regale others with anecdotes about his past. [A humorous blend of anecdote and dotage.]
See also: Old Age
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Further piecemeal evidence of the kind I present below, to be clear, is not dispositive--mere anecdotage is no more conclusive when offered in rebuttal than when offered as part of a case-in-chief.
Holland makes the most of her access to the humans in this horse's tale and provides a bright and illuminating account of Arkle's trainer Tom Dreaper, surprising even Dreaper's son Jim with the depth of previously untapped information and anecdotage.
The secret could not remain hidden forever, and it has meanwhile entered the annals of Hollywood anecdotage.
Luckily, he's very bright and entertaining about it all, meaning that his evenings of anecdotage and gags are always worth a look.
This isn't scholarly argument--it's dinner party anecdotage.
And indeed, Brook's anecdotage is centered primarily in just three places: New York, Washington, and San Francisco.
Witness a telling moment in the preface to "Our Anecdotage," a collection of anecdotes gleaned from manuscript sources and printed by D'Israeli in the New Monthly Magazine in 1832.
I'm starting to sound like someone slipping into anecdotage.
The tone is light-hearted, personal and chatty in the conversations and anecdotage between Zaccariotto and his scribe Pino Bosi, while it acquires epic resonances in Piero Genovesi's biography of Pitruzzello, which goes back to the ancient Greek ruins of Pantalica and situates the Pitruzzellos' transmigration within the context of that mass exodus of over a quarter of a million Italians who moved to Australia during the 1950s and 1960s.
Nevertheless, in his discussion of anecdotage, Algeo claims that the overlapping sounds [dout] correspond to a shortening of both source words, thereby saving his definition.