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1. also an·ec·dot·ic (-dŏt′ĭk) or an·ec·dot·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) Of, characterized by, or full of anecdotes.
2. Based on casual observations or indications rather than rigorous or scientific analysis: "There are anecdotal reports of children poisoned by hot dogs roasted over a fire of the [oleander] stems" (C. Claiborne Ray).

an′ec·dot′al·ist n.
an′ec·dot′al·ly adv.


in an anecdotal manner
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FSB Wales Policy Chair Janet Jones said: "is latest survey chimes both with some of the ocial gures and what we have heard anecdotally.
What I do know is that anecdotally, and according to the Base 2 project, I understand they have reported that in the majority of cases, these people were relocated to England or Scotland.
Comment: Nightshades contain solanine alkaloids, which have been found anecdotally to be a triggering factor for joint pain in some people with osteoarthritis, as well as a cause of various other symptoms in susceptible individuals.
Airlines for America spokeswoman Katie Connell said: "[W]e have heard anecdotally from some member carriers that [the rule change] was a contributing factor and we will continue to work closely with the FAA to identify specific issues related to the implementation of the rule and propose solutions in response.
Bill Short, from the Northumberland and Newcastle Society's environmental committee, said: "There is very little out there that backs up what we know anecdotally, that these turbines put people off.
Washington, July 16 ( ANI ): It has been believed that consuming cranberry products has been anecdotally associated with prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs) for over 100 years.
It has confirmed what we knew anecdotally, that there is a postcode lottery of support and provision for both children and adults, with a particular dearth around support for adults.
Internal mail is more difficult to quantify but anecdotally represents approximately one third of the volume of incoming network mail.
He said: "In the last 18 months, we have experienced a significant shift to the North with much more of our work based around the Yorkshire region and therefore, anecdotally, we know there is a bigger problem here than the figures suggest.
I found that anecdotally, there was a lot of doubling-up going on for unit roommates.
Anecdotally some passengers seem to opt for the middle section near the wings where they are less likely to feel turbulence while others want to be near the front for ease of getting off the plane, less engine noise or even to get a better choice of food available.
While we are big fans of fish oil, this survey confirms what we have heard anecdotally from our customers an.