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also a·nae·mic  (ə-nē′mĭk)
1. Relating to or suffering from anemia.
2. Lacking vitality; listless and weak: an anemic attempt to hit the baseball; an anemic economic recovery.

a·ne′mi·cal·ly adv.


the usual US spelling of anaemically
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In fact, we have repeatedly committed unjustified and egregious strategic errors, and responded anemically to Russian threats.
The Bushes did not want to be put on the couch, but the thin-skinned Obama jumped on the couch at his news conference, defensively whining about Republicans, Putin, Israel and Hamas and explaining academically and anemically how he's trying to do the right thing but it's all beyond his control.
141) Criticism has been widespread; the Tulare Lake case itself lacks precedential value (and was later repudiated, albeit anemically, by the judge who wrote it (142)); and many more cases have rejected its analytical methodology than have followed it.
Our young Master gave what we poets know (and dread) as a "reading," anemically reprising his written argument at some length, accompanied by the visual hum of projected pdfs.