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Adj.1.Anemometric - pertaining to the measurement of wind speed and directionanemometric - pertaining to the measurement of wind speed and direction
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A novel method was developed to predict the free-stream velocity experienced by a traveling vehicle based on track-side anemometric measurements.
Contract notice: Purchase and delivery of anemometric.
Wind measurements are generally performed below Wind Turbines (WT) hub heights owing to the economic unfeasibility of using various anemometric towers to map each space and height of the spot (Atlas, 2012).
Following these comparisons, a 55P11 constant-temperature hot-wire anemometric bridge was applied to measure velocity.
The pitot tubes, or anemometric sensors, are a key component of speed monitoring on the Airbus.
In order to make the best decision concerning the place where a SWT can be installed in the urban area and the height at which the rotor can be installed without too high costs, we suggest in this paper that the measurements of the wind's speed, its direction, density and height measured by installing an anemometric pole should be replaced with a balloon filled with helium, which moves the measurement sensors in different vertical and horizontal locations.