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also a·naes·the·tize (ə-nĕs′thĭ-tīz′)
tr.v. a·nes·the·tized, a·nes·the·tiz·ing, a·nes·the·tiz·es also a·naes·the·tized or a·naes·the·tiz·ing or a·naes·the·tiz·es
To induce anesthesia in.

a·nes′the·ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Objective: To compare intraosseous pentobarbital treatment (IPT) and thoracic compression (TC) on time to circulatory arrest and an isoelectric electroencephalogram (EEG) in anesthetized passerine birds.
Laboratory trials were carried out to examine dose, pretreatment, and posttreatment mortality, followed by field trials to assess effectiveness as measured by the proportion of oysters successfully anesthetized.
We lack confidence that Judge (Aaron) Persky can fairly participate in this upcoming hearing in which a male nurse sexually assaulted an anesthetized female patient," Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen said in a statement.
The dye flowed rapidly when the mice were unconscious, either asleep or anesthetized.
Trimetazidine is a widely used anti-ischemic agent, but effects of its chronic treatment on myocardial preconditioning in anesthetized animals have not been investigated.
She was told that her father was at the hospital and when she went there Hajj anesthetized her and she was brought to the house of (Sheikh Othman) Al-Muhajjab, the tribal leader," said Qardo'.
Researchers in a study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have demonstrated for the first time that a direct artificial connection from the brain to muscles can restore voluntary movement in monkeys whose arms have been temporarily anesthetized.
Lingual soft tissue can be anesthetized using the Greater Palatine (GP) or the Nasal Palatine (NP) nerve block injections.
Anesthetized monkeys may be dead to the world, but their brains remain surprisingly lively.
However, the examination was very limited because of poor patient cooperation, so the patient was anesthetized for microotoscopy.
Designed to boost the immune system and aid in disease prevention for pets, the easy-to- follow program includes natural preventatives and healing modalities for common conditions, and guidelines for when to vaccinate and when not to (vaccination can cause pregnant animals may reject their unborn litters; anesthetized animals may vomit and choke).
This makes one wonder if medical students and/or residents have been learning how to do pelvic exams on anesthetized women without their permission or even their knowledge.