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n. pl. an·frac·tu·os·i·ties
1. The condition or quality of having many twists and turns.
2. A winding channel, passage, or crevice.
3. A complicated or involved process.


1. the condition or quality of being anfractuous
2. a winding, circuitous, or intricate passage, surface, process, etc


(ænˌfræk tʃuˈɒs ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. the state or quality of being anfractuous.
2. a channel, crevice, or passage full of windings and turnings.
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These limestone anfractuosities are partly filled with reddish sand-clay deposits, resulting from the process of incipient karren formation, which will have occurred at the time when those rocky formations were outcrops.
Examples of those critical anfractuosities are given in Fig.
Most of the calculated filling times are infinite, meaning that the cooling is so strong that the polymer cannot reach the bottom of the anfractuosities.
0095 NO No 11 [varies] Yes Yes The anfractuosities dimensions are determined quite roughly and on an area which is not representative of all the substrate surface.
Hard to tell given the anfractuosities of global (mis)understanding.
When Brice and Kip are making discoveries, the sentences become a landscape and we climb along anfractuosities of syntax with the characters:
Tieck, following Friedrich Schlegel, had postulated a continuity of 'Eine Poesie' throughout the undulations and anfractuosities of the historical process.
At times, his book resembles an encyclopedia entry when it delves into the anfractuosities of anticommunist movements.
More roughly, we consider the topography of the steel sheet 2 as a series of cylindrically shaped anfractuosities or pores, of various radii R and depths L, as shown Fig.
I translated the sixth one myself--The Major Ordeals of the Mind and the Countless Minor Ones--and I can testify to the corruga tions and anfractuosities of surface which must discourage the reader in search of entertainment and (given the ostensible subject) delight.
g]) and before the end of the reaction, on one hand the macro-network is stiff, on the other it is filled with anfractuosities (PVAc + unreacted resin separated phase), inside which the continuing polymerization induces shrinkage because the stiffness of the macro-network is much higher than that of the PVAc phase.
The effect of water is just symmetrical: the swelling proceeds into the anfractuosities, where are the thermoplastic PVAc and eventually the loose part of the UP network, the tight part of which being the rigid continuous matrix.