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abbreviation for
1. agent
2. agreement


or agt.,

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1999) Angiotensinogen gene M235T polymorphism predicts left ventricular hypertrophy in endurance athletes.
They discovered that 40 of the 63 families shared a distinctive DNA pattern near the angiotensinogen gene, located on the long arm of chromosome 1.
An example is angiotensinogen, which is part of the renin-angiotensin system and regulates blood pressure.
In general, estrogens increase angiotensinogen concentrations and decrease renin concentrations, angiotensin-converting enzyme activity, the density of angiotensin II receptor type 1, and aldosterone production.
Angiotensinogen is split to create the molecule angiotensin I, which is then converted by angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) into angiotensin II (figure 2, p31).
The results, describe the solving of the first step in the principal process that controls blood pressure - the release of the hormone angiotensin from its source protein, angiotensinogen.
Polymorphisms in genes of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) comprising of angiotensinogen (AG7), angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), angiotensin II receptor type 1 (AT1R), and aldosterone synthase (CYP11B2) genes have been the most commonly studied for association with various aspects of hypertension.
The other has reported that rapid atrial depolarization with pacing reduced the expression of renin in both cellular and animal model of AF while increasing expression of other components (ACE, angiotensinogen and chymase) of RAS (2).
1989) Androgen regulation of rat renal angiotensinogen messenger RNA expression.
At 6 weeks of age no difference in renal mRNA expression of angiotensinogen (Aogen) or renin as determined by real time PCR was observed in either the cortex or medulla of growth restricted offspring compared to control offspring.
Genetic analysis of blood samples from 355 subjects in the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) study showed a definite link between a polymorphism on the genetic coding for angiotensinogen and the blood pressure--lowering effect of a low-fat, high-vegetable diet.

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