angle for

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w>angle for

vi +prep obj
(lit) troutangeln
(fig) complimentsfischen nach; to angle for somethingauf etw (acc)aus sein; to angle for somebody’s sympathyjds Mitleid erregen wollen
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Tenders are invited for Angle For 132Kv 220Kv Towers Of Transmission.
It's all about creating a leg angle for optimal acceleration.
The helix angle for such screws is often outside the optimum range for solids conveying capacity, and a feed-restricted operating condition results.
In order to collect those protons which take off in a direction away from the MCP, a fourth deflecting grid set at 22 kV to 26 kV is inserted between the decay volume and the electron detector to bring about a 4[pi] collection solid angle for protons.
The draft angle for both molding processes must not be too large, otherwise, it will unnecessarily add material to the casting and possibly increase the machining stock.
angle for three textures on a dark gray master plaque.
In this era of sweeping international change, rebalancing of global power, and new democratic paradigms for the citizens of the world, Americans have turned to the critically acclaimed PBS series WIDE ANGLE for a deeper understanding of the lives and challenges of people across the globe.
1 Clamp Angle For 25 Mm Pipe, Size: 88X40x5 Mm To Drg No.