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Any of a genus (Anhinga) of long-necked birds having a sharp, pointed bill and inhabiting swamps in tropical and subtropical regions. Also called darter, snakebird, water turkey.

[Portuguese, from Tupí ayingá.]


(Animals) another name for darter1
[C18: via Portuguese from Tupi]


(ænˈhɪŋ gə)

n., pl. -gas.
any of various tropical and subtropical freshwater web-footed diving birds of the family Anhingidae. Also called snakebird, water turkey.
[1760–70; < Portuguese < Tupi]
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Noun1.anhinga - fish-eating bird of warm inland waters having a long flexible neck and slender sharp-pointed billanhinga - fish-eating bird of warm inland waters having a long flexible neck and slender sharp-pointed bill
pelecaniform seabird - large fish-eating seabird with four-toed webbed feet
genus Anhinga - type genus of the Anhingidae
Anhinga anhinga, water turkey - blackish New World snakebird of swampy regions
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Florida fishermen know each anhinga produces 50 pounds of guano for every bluegill he eats.
The quarter's reverse (tails) design, inspired by the bird population in the Everglades, features an anhinga with outstretched wings on a willow tree with a roseate spoonbill visible in the mid-ground.
Anhinga, and Brittingham Prizes for poetry, multiple inclusions in Best American Poetry, four Pushcart Prizes, a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Literature, and a California Arts Council Fellowship in poetry.
The most abundant bird species seen throughout the Tortuguero river region in both years were the: Anhinga.
USA A young anhinga reaches deep inside a mature bird''s mouth for food at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands near Delray Beach, Florida AFGHANISTAN An unmanned U.
In the process of doing the story, we both learned the difference between an anhinga and a cormorant and a heron, and we did a lot of alligator pictures, and we knew we had to find a roseate spoonbill, as indeed we did.
From an Anhinga ("a bird that can swim underwater") to a Bronze Frog (whose males "make a sound like a banjo string.
There are stunning photographs of Atlantic puffins in Matinicus Rock, Maine, a Northern saw-whet owl and a yellow warbler in Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge; a fox sparrow, a spotted towhee and a purple finch from Western Oregon; a Western gull from the Oregon Coast; an American robin from Finley National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon; the spectacular orange and green of a broad-billed motmot from Panama; the royal blue body, black head, orange beak and yellow eye of a Formosan blue magpie from Taipei, Taiwan; the long neck of a bare-throated tiger heron from Mexcaltitan, Mexico; a laughing kookaburra from Yungaburra, Australia; an anhinga from San Blas, Mexico; a violet-tailed sylph from Tandayapa Lodge, Ecuador; and a cactus finch from the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.
Meredith Walters was warded the Anhinga Prize for Poetry in 2006.
The Shark Valley Visitor Center and Anhinga Trail are great spots for wading birds, but paddle a canoe or kayak far from the trail to immerse yourself in the landscape.
8 1 Vervet Monkey Chlorocebus pygerythrus 9 1 Human Homo sapiens sapiens 1 1 Birds Bird -- generic 4 3 3 African darter Anhinga rufa 1 1 Eagle/Hawks 1 1 Kori bustard Ardeotis kori 6 1 Laughing dove Streptopelia senegalensis 1 1 Rodents Rodent -- generic 3 2 5 Giant Elephant Shrew Rhynchocyon chrysopygus 1 1 Reptiles/Amphibians Snake -- generic 1 Mamba (snake) Dendroaspis sp.