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n.1.(Chem.) One of a class of compounds which may be regarded as amides in which more or less of the hydrogen has been replaced by phenyl.
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Therefore the objectives of this study were to quantify herbicide resistance in sprangletop biotypes and to test control measures using three groups of herbicides namely the aryloxyphenoxy propanoate (APP) herbicide: cyhalofop-butyl the auxin herbicide: quinclorac and the anilide herbicide: propanil alone or in combination.
Some metal(II) halide complexes of morpholine-4-thiocarbonic acid anilide have been prepared and characterized by analysis, conductance and spectroscopic techniques.
The activity of purified SK was measured by plasmin hydrolysis of chromogenic peptidyl anilide substrate (S-2251), procedure (14) with slight modification by us (13).