anise seed

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Noun1.anise seed - liquorice-flavored seeds, used medicinally and in cooking and liquors
anise cookie - cookie made without butter and flavored with anise seed
flavorer, flavoring, flavourer, flavouring, seasoning, seasoner - something added to food primarily for the savor it imparts
ouzo - a Greek liquor flavored with anise
absinth, absinthe - strong green liqueur flavored with wormwood and anise
anisette, anisette de Bordeaux - liquorice-flavored usually colorless sweet liqueur made from aniseed
pastis - similar to absinthe but containing no wormwood
Pernod - (registered trademark) a liqueur flavored with anise
anise, anise plant, Pimpinella anisum - native to Egypt but cultivated widely for its aromatic seeds and the oil from them used medicinally and as a flavoring in cookery
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Anise seed has a similar flavor, but doesn't kill bacteria.
It has a light cocoa powder aroma, followed by anise seed, orange rind and bitter herbs.
Anise seed (Pimpinella anisum)--creates restful sleep, keeps one safe in pleasant dreams, protects one in astral realms while in dream state, for disturbing dreams, relieves insomnia
This time only 3-1/2 cups sugar was added to 1 cup water, plus approximately 1 tablespoon anise seed and brought to a boil.
BI Nutraceuticals has introduced six new organic ingredients, including anise seed, fennel seed, ginger root, licorice root, psyllium and slippery elm.
Cordials made with anise seed also have a licorice flavor.
Imports of Israeli high-technology medical equipment will also receive preferential treatment, as will certain agricultural products like kosher instant coffee and anise seed.
Pepper of the white or black variety inhibits 25% of bacteria, as do ginger, anise seed, celery seed and the juices of lemons and limes.
Great with citrus recipes or anywhere lemon zest might be used, licorice-flavored anise seed is a small ingredient delivering huge flavor and a crunchy texture.
The whole note is softened by floral and round notes of anise seed.
05) better than anise seed and the control group with regard broiler performance and fat-pad weight (Table 4).
The new appellation debuts in a very ripe year with dark ruby color and loads of cherry and mineral on the nose; deep in red fruits with overtones of vanilla and anise seed, a fine structure, and a sense of fresh-crushed red fruits on the finish; 85% sangiovese with 10% syrah and 5% merlot.