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 (ăn′ĭ-sĕt′, -zĕt′)
A liqueur flavored with anise.

[French, diminutive of anis, anise, from Old French; see anise.]


(ˌænɪˈzɛt; -ˈsɛt)
(Brewing) a liquorice-flavoured liqueur made from aniseed
[C19: from French; see anise, -ette]


(ˌæn əˈsɛt, -ˈzɛt, ˈæn əˌsɛt, -ˌzɛt)

a liqueur flavored with aniseed.
[1830–40; < French, short for anisette de Bordeaux.]
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Noun1.anisette - liquorice-flavored usually colorless sweet liqueur made from aniseed
anise seed, aniseed, anise - liquorice-flavored seeds, used medicinally and in cooking and liquors
cordial, liqueur - strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal


[ˌænɪˈzet] Nanisete m, anís m
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An Anisette demi glaze covered the chop, which was served with mixed vegetables and mashed potato.
A drink on last fall's menu that used the explosively menthol Branca Menta as base spirit mixed with anisette proved to be a hit with guests.
I recommend the sensitive traveler, if he goes to Algiers, drink anisette under the archway around the harbor, go to La Pecherie in the morning and eat freshly-caught fish grilled on charcoal stoves; listen to Arab music in the little cafe on the rue de la Lyre .
At a meyhane, you, the visitor, are bound to be introduced to the national drink, raky, a dry Turkish version of the anisette that is common in the Mediterranean region.
Founded in 1755, Marie Brizard made its name with its signature aniseed liqueur, later to become the Marie Brizard Anisette.
though in winter they are warm as roses, in the desert taste of chilled anisette.
Anisette Chef LLC, Jonathon Strand, 3125 Pheasant Blvd.
for butter) in more than a dozen varieties, including anisette, fruit bars, jelly-filled and almond and chocolate Quaresimali, an Italian biscuit similar to biscotti.
Alain Giraud, former Bastide chef, is back, this time with Anisette, his recently opened French brasserie inside the Santa Monica clock tower building.
Remove from heat, let cool slightly and stir in anisette.