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n. anisocoria, condición de desigualdad de ambas pupilas;
central simple ______ central simple;
essential ______ esencial;
physiologic ______ fisiológica
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Stroke (based on Media used LAPSS/CPSS) Case 1 Anisocoria pictured.
I had a new patient in her 70s and noticed she had anisocoria, ptosis and heterochromia.
Both birds had ophthalmologic asymmetry, with anisocoria detected in parrot 1 and unilateral blindness in parrot 2.
Nevertheless, in her daily follow-ups, in addition to anisocoria of her left eye rima oculi was narrow compared to her right rima oculi.
Pupil examination in bright light and dim light, looking for anisocoria or a poorly reactive pupil is vital.
According to a company press release, it can measure for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, pupil size, pupil distance and anisocoria, in addition to refraction.
Asymmetry in the autonomic nervous system with reference to the nasal cycle, migraine, anisocoria and Meniere's syndrome.
Within 36 hours of admission she developed left-sided ptosis and miosis with anisocoria (Fig.
Anisocoria (pupil inequality) is an alarming sign and may indicate an impending life-threatening neurological emergency.
On the seventh day of treatment, the patient rapidly deteriorated, symptoms of fever, headache and neck tiffness ensued with the development of anisocoria and left abducens nerve paralysis.
Approximately 1 hour later, severe anisocoria (10 mm right and 7 mm left) developed, followed by fixed mydriasis.