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A white, gray, or red iron-rich dolomitic or carbonate mineral, Ca(Fe,Mg,Mn)(CO3)2.

[After Matthias Joseph Anker (1771-1843), Austrian mineralogist.]


(Minerals) a greyish to brown mineral that resembles dolomite and consists of a carbonate of calcium, magnesium, and iron. Formula: (Ca,Mg,Fe)CO3
[C19: named after M. J. Anker (died 1843), Austrian mineralogist]


(ˈæŋ kəˌraɪt)

a carbonate mineral related to dolomite but with iron replacing part of the magnesium.
[1835–45; after M. J. Anker (d. 1843), Austrian mineralogist; see -ite1]
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Upon closing, McEwen Mining owns 100% interest in the Buffalo Ankerite, Fuller and Davidson Tisdale properties, and a 61% interest in the Paymaster property, with the remaining 39% of mineral rights held by Goldcorp Inc.
Ankerite (ferroan dolomite) grains and detrital muscovite flakes 2-5 mm long occur throughout the formation; weathering of the former produces a characteristic pale orange weathering rind.
The investigated topsoils consist mainly of quartz, the aluminosilicates kaolinite, illite, chlorites and muscovite, the carbonates calcite, dolomite and ankerite, the sulphate gypsum and native sulphur (Fig.
All seven samples of dark brown and black rock surface deposits were identified as whewellite, with minor amounts of ankerite, (Ca,Mg,Fe)C[O.
Lexam currently holds 100 per cent interest in the Buffalo Ankerite and Fuller properties, along with 60 per cent interest in the claim forming the Paymaster property, and 68.
TSE:LEX)(FRA:VN3A)(OTCMKTS:LEXVF) announces that the technical report titled "TECHNICAL REPORT AND UPDATED RESOURCE ESTIMATE ON THE BUFFALO ANKERITE, FULLER, PAYMASTER, AND DAVIDSON TISDALE GOLD DEPOSITS - PORCUPINE MINING DIVISION, NORTH-EASTERN ONTARIO, CANADA NTS 42E 12/SW for Lexam VG Gold Inc, 181 Bay St, Suite 4750, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2T3" dated June 21, 2013 (the "Technical Report") has been filed on SEDAR pursuant to the National Instrument 43-101 requirements.
Due to the geographical proximity of the projects, specifically Fuller, Buffalo Ankerite and Paymaster being on a contiguous land position, the resource estimates will be released in a single NI 43-101 filing.
As a result we may have been seeing the exposure of mineral veins, some of these quartz-ankerite associated with a distinct weathered copper mineralisation, such as the unique occurrence of weathered outcrops of quartz and ankerite vein.
Gold mineralization at the Gaffney Extension is hosted within a highly altered quartz eye intrusion which contains narrow quartz veins and stringers with disseminated pyrite and pervasive ankerite alteration.
The petrographic data (Tables 1 and 2) reveal the restored framework compositions, and in each case the way in which composition differs from the original framework is indicated: carbonate replacement of quartz (Cq); kaolinite, kaolinite plus illite, illite or carbonate replacement of K-feldspar (CaoK, Cik, Kill, Ck); illite replacement of albite (Ail); carbonate replacement of plagioclase (Cab); ankerite replacement of carbonate-rock fragments (Afrc).