Ankle bone

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the bone of the ankle; the astragalus.

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The Donrussellia ankle bone was more similar to the ankle bones of (https://www.
A sprained ankle means you've partially torn one of the ligaments between your ankle bones," Kadel says.
Keep your knees bent and together and ankle bones together.
The new specimens found by lead author Floreal Sole and his colleagues include over 250 teeth and ankle bones, and even deciduous teeth, which proves that Dormlocyon is close to the origin of carnivoraforms, and that their origin may have been in Europe.
A fair-skinned fellow bather was taking a pumice stone to the palms of her hands, her knees and ankle bones.
Here, under the guidance of Dr Ajit Kumar Varma, Diabetic lower limb and foot & ankle reconstructive surgeon, the doctors planned to replace the destroyed foot and ankle bones of his right foot with 'Polymethyl methacrylate' (PMMA).
Several 65-millionyear-old fossil ankle bones from Montana belong to a small tree-dwelling species known as Purgatorius, Stephen Chester of Yale University announced on October 19.
The patient facing ankle surgery can choose to fuse the ankle bones or replace the ankle entirely.
A) The prostheses were inserted into holes in Oscar's ankle bones.
Owners Kate and Mike Nolan from Jersey were put in touch with Surrey surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick who used implants to peg the feet to the ankle bones.
Orthopedic surgeons traditionally have treated advanced ankle arthritis by removing the worn-out portion of the joint and replacing it with a metal implant that holds together the shin and ankle bones.