ankle brace

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Noun1.ankle brace - a brace worn to strengthen the ankleankle brace - a brace worn to strengthen the ankle
brace - a support that steadies or strengthens something else; "he wore a brace on his knee"
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Those children who do have SH1DF fractures heal well when treated with a self-removable ankle brace and self-regulated return to activities.
Effect of the ankle brace on the knee of the volleyball player: a study of review
The patient was initially treated conservatively with immobilization in a short leg cast for 2 months followed by gradual return to activity in an Arizona ankle brace.
Management of ankle sprains: a randomised controlled trial of the treatment of inversion injuries using an elastic support bandage or an Aircast ankle brace.
The use of a semi-rigid ankle brace served as an acute intervention, thus creating different scenarios under which the experimental and control groups were tested.
The Question: Does ankle brace use after an ankle sprain lessen subsequent injuries?
ACE Brand Sports Medicine Products feature the new Custom Dial Ankle Brace, Elbow Strap and Knee Strap, along with additional braces and supports as well as elastic bandages, protective gear, tapes/underwraps, hot/cold therapy and other sports accessories.
Injured Phyllis Robinson in her ankle brace and with husband Brian, left IAN MCINTYRE
In attention to, Catoni stated probably TTS measurement may not be the best way to measure the effectiveness of applying an ankle brace on preventing ankle sprain.
Athletes were divided into a braced group, who wore a synthetic, fabric, lace-up ankle brace, and a control group with no brace.
Instead of going to hospital to get damaged ankle ligaments dealt with after a bizarre accident while out hunting, he carried on with the trip for two more days, and as he was still wearing an ankle brace at the Nedbank, he may have to wait until the new year to regain full confidence in himself and his game.
2pm: I take advantage of being at Kent Lodge and pop into the Appliance Department to enquire about an ankle brace I've recently ordered for a patient.