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Noun1.ankle bracelet - an ornament worn around the ankleankle bracelet - an ornament worn around the ankle  
bangle, bracelet - jewelry worn around the wrist for decoration
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If the offender enters a restricted area, an alarm sounds at the central monitoring site, and vibration alerts on the ankle bracelet remind the offender to comply.
Within hours of his release, Pollard's lawyers began a court challenge to terms of his parole that they called "onerous and oppressive", including requiring him to wear an electronic GPS ankle bracelet and the monitoring of any computer he might use personally or at a job.
The proposal stipulates that detainees allowed to serve their sentence, or part of it, under house arrest, must wear an ankle bracelet with predetermined locations where the inmate may travel to.
He went missing Saturday or Sunday, but it's difficult to say exactly because he hung his electronic ankle bracelet on a motor-driven device that stretched to the ceiling and moved around, prosecutors explained in papers filed Wednesday with the 2nd U.
The Season 5 ended with the abduction of Neal Caffrey by an unknown person, and his tracking ankle bracelet was thrown away.
Carley Ann Thompson, who is 30 tomorrow, will wear the electronic ankle bracelet for the next seven months.
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There was a problem with his ankle bracelet and he had contacted G4S to tell them that it had become loose.
What is Omar more afraid of -- the agent who tracks him via a digital ankle bracelet, waiting for him to reveal the killer?
SCRAM includes an ankle bracelet, worn 24/7, that tests perspiration 48 times a day to measure for alcohol consumption.
AMS' industry-leading SCRAMx wireless ankle bracelet provides courts and law enforcement with an alternative to incarceration, because of the product's proven ability to hold offenders accountable to 24/7 alcohol abstinence.
They were accidentally misnamed on the ankle bracelet as they bathed them, but the mistake was caught just in time.