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(Pathology) a variant of ancylostomiasis



1. any intestinal bloodsucking nematode worm with hooks around the mouth, belonging to the superfamily Ancylostomatoidea and parasitic in humans and other animals.
2. a disease caused by hookworms, causing abdominal pain and, if untreated, severe anemia.
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The analysis of what he named "the sickness of laziness" (11) also dates from this period and among the many aspects which he considered, we may cite: the medicine-structure-social-productivity association, the designation of laziness as a reduction in the capacity for work and the identification of some diseases as debilitating, the analysis of ankylostomiasis and the role of the Rockefeller Foundation in health programs.
Gabaldon was Minister of Health during 1959-1964 and changed the Division of Malariology to the Ministry of Malariology and Environmental Health, which now included the divisions of sanitary engineering, rural water supply, rural housing, and ankylostomiasis and other helminthic diseases.
IMRM - a supplementary series to IJMR was brought out during early part of the 20th century and the 1st Memoir was published in the year 1924 on the topic 'Report of the Ankylostomiasis Inquiry in Madras' by KS Mhaskar in October 1924 followed by 'Relationship of Rice to Beri Beri in India' by Lt Col Robert McCarrison and Roland V Norris in the same year.