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also An·la·ge (än′lä′gə)
n. pl. an·la·ges or an·la·gen (-gən) also An·la·ges or An·la·gen
1. Biology The initial clustering of embryonic cells from which a part or an organ develops; primordium.
2. A genetic predisposition to a given trait or personality characteristic.
3. A fundamental principle; the foundation for a future development.

[German, fundamental principle, from Middle High German anlāge, request : ane-, on (from Old High German ana-; see an- in Indo-European roots) + lāge, act of laying (from Old High German lāga; see legh- in Indo-European roots).]


n, pl -gen (-ɡən) or -ges
(Biology) another word for primordium
[German: predisposition, layout]


(ˈɑn lɑ gə)

n., pl. -gen (-gən), -ges. (sometimes cap.)
an embryonic area capable of forming a structure: the primordium, germ, or bud.
[1890–95; < German: foundation, n. derivative of anlegen to lay on]
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Noun1.anlage - an organ in its earliest stage of development; the foundation for subsequent development
organ - a fully differentiated structural and functional unit in an animal that is specialized for some particular function
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