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A copper coin formerly used in India and Pakistan.

[Hindi ānā, from Sanskrit aṇu-, small.]


(Currencies) a former Indian copper coin, worth one sixteenth of a rupee
[C18: from Hindi ānā]


(ˈɑ nə)

n., pl. -nas.
a former monetary unit of India and Pakistan, equal to 1/16 of a rupee.
[1720–30; < Hindi ānā]
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Noun1.anna - a former copper coin of Pakistan and India
Indian monetary unit - monetary unit in India
Pakistani monetary unit - monetary unit in Pakistan
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Lena and Norwegian Anna dropped in to help her with her work, so that she could get away early.
1838 he escaped from slavery and went to New York City, where he married Anna Murray, a free colored woman whom he had met in Baltimore.
And if poor little Anna Weston is to be spoiled, it will be the greatest humanity in you to do as much for her as you have done for me, except falling in love with her when she is thirteen.
Cruncher himself always spoke of the year of our Lord as Anna Dominoes: apparently under the impression that the Christian era dated from the invention of a popular game, by a lady who had bestowed her name upon it.
Mowgli, I will not give thee one anna of the reward, but only a very big beating.
It requires dough and a pat of butter, and a rolling-pin," said Anna Maria, considering Tom Kitten with her head on one side.
Never had Anna of Austria appeared to him so beautiful, amid balls, fetes, or carousals, as she appeared to him at this moment, dressed in a simple robe of white satin, and accompanied by Donna Estafania-- the only one of her Spanish women who had not been driven from her by the jealousy of the king or by the persecutions of Richelieu.
Also, Anna declared that it was solely through my own fault that my fortunes declined after she had bettered them; that she is in no way responsible for what then happened; and that I have but myself to blame for having been either unable or unwilling to defend my honour.
Nothing but a friend, like yourself, can do that, my dear Anna.
He returned the money, keeping only one anna in each rupee of the price of the Umballa ticket as his commission - the immemorial commission of Asia.
They seemed hardly young to Philip, but perhaps they were not more than twenty-five: the elder, Thekla, was as short as her mother, with the same, rather shifty air, but with a pretty face and abundant dark hair; Anna, her younger sister, was tall and plain, but since she had a pleasant smile Philip immediately preferred her.
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