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v. an·nealed, an·neal·ing, an·neals
1. To subject (glass or metal) to a process of heating and slow cooling in order to toughen and reduce brittleness.
2. To strengthen or harden.
To become strengthened or hardened: "the time she needed for opinion to anneal around her policy" (Alexander M. Haig, Jr.).

[Middle English anelen, from Old English onǣlan, to set fire to : on, on; see on + ǣlan, to kindle.]
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Noun1.annealing - hardening something by heat treatmentannealing - hardening something by heat treatment
hardening - the act of making something harder (firmer or tighter or more compact)


[əˈniːlɪŋ] n (of glass, metal) → ricottura
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2mm dia x 1650 mm long heating length - 1250 mm unheated length - 200 mm both sides annealing -fully annealed to bend on 1~ pipe rating -400 w to be embossed on all heaters insulation-high purity mgo leakage current-210 micro amp(max) tests -high voltage test-1 kv for 1 min,ir value is >10 mega ohms meggar-500v dc, others-20mm long m5 threadins, ss terminals with 2 brass nuts,heating element shall conform to is:4159, annealing to be done on a continuous annealing furnace and not on a spot annealing furnace.
Higher stretch ratio causes more of the chains to orient and crystallize, leaving a smaller fraction of polymer chains to rearrange during the annealing stage [26].
Due to the fact that annealing process is not a common issue, there is a limited amount of manufacturers involved in the development and production of the annealing units.
Hydrogen uptake is strongly dependent on the furnace atmosphere and the amount of martensite in the steel but has little dependence on the soaking time, the humidity of the furnace atmosphere, or the temperature within the usual intercritical annealing range.
If not, ask about the proper annealing temperature for the subject spring.
However, SMCs with organic coating have low eddy current loss [7], but there is a lack of studies on the flexural strength, which is influenced by many factors including coating amount, the annealing temperature and method, and the bond force between iron and OER.
The novelty of our results lies in the description of the effect of different annealing on the structure, chemical and phase composition, and properties of multiple-cycle deposited and annealed SnS films.
The material is a high-performance Ag-alloy with a large amount of annealing twins in its grain structure that exhibits excellent material characteristics.
But annealing at 200C does not completely eliminate the bismuth rich phase.
The results of these studies revealed that annealing under Ar at 900 [degrees]C results in an increased bandgap and enhanced UV photoluminescence (PL) in the ZnO film.
Michael Schmidt said that they have found that when the system reached its final valley via thermal annealing alone, it was dramatically different from the state reached when the thermal annealing was weakened and quantum annealing was turned on.