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(Plants) a tropical shrub or tree, of the family Annonaceae, native to America


(əˈnoʊ nə)

n., pl. -nas.
any of various trees and shrubs of the genus Annona, native to tropical America, grown for their edible fruits.
[< New Latin < American Spanish, allegedly < Arawak (Hispaniola)]
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Noun1.annona - type genus of the AnnonaceaeAnnona - type genus of the Annonaceae; tropical American trees or shrubs
magnoliid dicot genus - genus of dicotyledonous flowering plants regarded as among the most primitive of extant angiosperms
Annonaceae, custard-apple family, family Annonaceae - chiefly tropical trees or shrubs
custard apple, custard apple tree - any of several tropical American trees bearing fruit with soft edible pulp
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These are Azadirachta indica (neem leaves), Cymbopogon citratus (Lemongrass leaves), Ocimum gratissimum (Basil leaves), Ageratum conyzoides (Goatweed leaves), Annona squamosa (Sweetsop leaves) and Hyptis suaveolens (Bush tea leaves).
Evaluation of the antioxidant and cytoprotective properties of the exotic fruit Annona cherimola Mill.
Other common native species were Annona muricata, Carica papaya, Persea americana, Inga spectabilis (Vahl) Willd.
Conclusion: According to the experiment, it can be concluded that ethanol extract 96% of soursop Annona muricata L.
Annona muricata L (Annonaceae), a graviola, tem uma historia longa, considerado como um fitoterapico antigo muito utilizado pelos indigenas com fins terapeuticos.
Annona Muricata is a fruit, which belong to Annonaceae family, has been highly studied because of its big therapeutic and medicinal potential, [1].
Se sabe que el color del fruto es importante para diferenciar las especies cultivadas de Annona (Purohit, 1995), por lo que este caracter puede representar evidencia para considerar a A.
Background: Nutritional and medicinal properties have been found, and demonstrated the Annona Muricata fruit, has aroused great interest in his study mainly to implement in treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer.
Em outro trabalho, tambem verificaram que o uso do acido giberelico estimulou a germinacao em sementes de atemoia (Annona cherimola x Annona squamosa), nas dosagens de 50 ou 100mg x [l.