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 (ə-no͞o′ĭ-tənt, ə-nyo͞o′-)
1. One that receives or is qualified to receive an annuity.
2. An officially retired US intelligence officer who is actually still on the government's payroll and is available for assignments.


(Banking & Finance) a person in receipt of or entitled to an annuity


(əˈnu ɪ tnt, əˈnyu-)

a person who receives an annuity.
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Noun1.annuitant - the recipient of an annuityannuitant - the recipient of an annuity    
recipient, receiver - a person who receives something


n (form)Rentenempfänger(in) m(f) (einer Jahresrente)
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BEX facilitated the security arrangements and coordinated scheduling for the nearly two dozen assessors from its re employed annuitant rolls.
8 million to upgrade the Defense Logistics Agency s Defense Retiree and Annuitant Pay System.
a leading provider of IT solutions and professional services to government organizations, today announced that the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) recently awarded the company a single-award, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract to partner with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) in upgrading the Defense Retiree and Annuitant Pay System (DRAS).
From the perspective of an insurance company, a higher risk annuitant is one who has a higher chance of a long life.
First of all as the annuitant had not died but had benefited from mortality gain then surely that should be clawed back.
An annuitant receiving payments, whether through some significant mishap, or through some great fortune, may substantially benefit their family's circumstance by liquidating all or part of their payment stream," said Paul Kadlick, Director of Sales at SHS.
A military member has devoted a career in serving our country and the spouse has supported that member and deserves recognition and compensation once the annuitant dies.
The three main inputs used in the money's worth computation are annuity quotes, annuitant and population mortality rates, and interest rates.
Contract Awarded for Update the defense retiree and annuitant pay system.
Plat (2009) proposes to model the difference in mortality rates for annuitants and the population through an age- and time-dependent portfolio-specific mortality factor, which reflects the relative difference between annuitant mortality and population mortality.
Many insurance professionals think that GLWBs are of no use if the annuitant wants to begin taking lifetime income immediately.
We have also been told that new directives are forthcoming to ensure that any annuitants that are currently on fixed long-term contracts for the next few years will be forced to take their 35 days unpaid annuitant breaks during the reserve unit stand downs at Christmas, which, coincidentally, are just over a month in length.