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Noun1.anonymous ftp - a common way to make software availableanonymous ftp - a common way to make software available; users are allowed to log in as `guest' without a password and copy whatever has been made available
file transfer protocol, FTP - protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network
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For example, if an FTP server is found not to offer anonymous logins, then anonymous-related vulnerability checks will not be attempted or performed for anonymous FTP vulnerabilities, which saves time.
scientists was hacked - 1,079 emails and over 3,800 documents - which were then posted on an anonymous FTP server in Russia.
Microsoft's post lists workarounds for the time being, including how to prevent anonymous FTP users from being able to create directories.
The Net 100 Solution is a high functioning cross platform that is technically supportive of ASP, SSI, SSL, PHP 3-4, Front Page Extensions(TM), My SQL(TM), Interdev(TM), Adobe Go-Live(TM), Macromedia Dreamweaver(TM), Net Objects Fusion(TM), and Anonymous FTP.
Examples from this database are located at the anonymous FTP site sequoyah.
COPS checks whether certain files can be modified and looks for potential vulnerabilities in services, such as the existence of an anonymous ftp setup.
In addition to the conventional site-to-site transfers, there are many anonymous FTP sites on the Internet where browsers can access and retrieve public domain information, software and data files free of charge.
Many of the printed sources listed in the discussion of telnet--The Whole Internet User's Guide, NUSIRG, the publications by December and Yanoff--list addresses for documents available through anonymous FTP.
address as the password when you download files from anonymous FTP
The IETF information described above is available by anonymous FTP from several sites.
A special capability called an anonymous FTP (file transfer protocol) allows users to place files on the Internet for public access.