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1. One who opposes and contends against another; an adversary.
2. The principal character in opposition to the protagonist or hero of a narrative or drama.
3. Physiology A muscle that counteracts the action of another muscle, the agonist.
4. A drug or chemical substance that interferes with the physiological action of another, especially by combining with and blocking its receptor.

an·tag′o·nis′tic adj.
an·tag′o·nis′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.antagonistically - in an antagonistic mannerantagonistically - in an antagonistic manner; "he behaves antagonistically toward his colleagues"
بِصورَة مُعادِيَة، بِمُخاصَمَة


(ӕnˈtӕgənist) noun
an opponent or enemy.
anˈtagonism noun
unfriendliness, hostility.
anˌtagoˈnistic adjective
anˌtagoˈnistically adverb
anˈtagonize, anˈtagonise verb
to make an enemy of (someone). You are antagonizing her by your rudeness.
References in classic literature ?
Crisparkle was so completely lost in musing on these similarities and dissimilarities, at the same time watching the crowd which came and went by, always, as it seemed, on errands of antagonistically snatching something from somebody, and never giving anything to anybody, that his name was called before he heard it.
It is known that pollution-related stress and natural environmental stress act synergistically or, rarely, antagonistically, and largely determine the response of an organism to disease-causing agents (Lauckner 1983).
Sires with degrading mPTA and high antagonistically related maternal and direct genetic components further emphasizes the consideration for existing calf sizes and pelvic dimension of the dams at birth in the Korean Holsteins.
A speedier discovery plot more often than not devours higher preparing power and at the same time, it antagonistically affects recognition exactness.
The victory of the communist Soviet Union over Nazi Germany provided legitimacy to the Yugoslav communist regime in the eyes of the majority of the population, who were either apolitical or highly frightened and antagonistically disposed towards the communist government.
Moreover, this study will provide information whether co-administration of bentonite and vitamin E behave synergistically or antagonistically in Cr intoxicated broilers.
Life of individuals in addition to animals is being antagonistically influenced by the exceptionally harmful pollutants [1].
Neutrophils egress from bone marrow into the peripheral blood and are antagonistically regulated by CXC chemokine receptor 2 (CXCR2) and CXCR4, both of which are expressed on neutrophils.
And also, the authors argue that both groups have become the bearers of ideological and linguistic domination in Black neoliberal America, and are antagonistically, converging the practical consciousness of the Black or African diaspora towards their respective social class language games to suggest that the socialization of other Black people in the diaspora ought to be examined against and within the dialectical backdrop of this class power dynamic and the cultural and religious heritages of the Black Americans responsible for this phenomenon or process of convergence, i.
You had to be antagonistically atheistic as to climate change.