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[ant(i)- + Greek algos, pain + -ic.]


(ˌænˈtældʒɪk) med
relieving or reducing pain
a pain-relieving drug
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These treatments such as relative rest or modified activity, cold, stretching, braces, antalgic physiotherapy and correction of provoking gestures are usually initially employed in acute and in the most hyperalgic phase of tendinopathy (Alfredson, 2005; Fournier and Rappoport, 2005).
9) Additional possible signs and symptoms include an audible or palpable click over the pubic symphysis, reduced hip abduction motion, a waddling antalgic gait, and pain over the pubis during the pelvic compression test (compression of the iliac wing with the patient in a side lying position), or the cross-leg test (contralateral iliac wing held down while the ipsilateral crossed extremity is stressed).
In addition, the resistance to passive movement, the antalgic rigidity, and the muscle contracture, were evaluated by the investigator by means of a 5-digit scale (0 = absent; 1 = minimum; 2 = mild; 3 = moderate; 4 = severe); the functional impairment was also scored by means of semiquantitative scale (0 = none; l = [less than or equal to] 25%; 25%; 2 = between 25 and 50%; 3 = between 50% and 75%; 4 = > 75%).
J walked on the outer border of her foot and had an antalgic gait.
After inconclusive x-ray investigation, the patient was given antalgic and anti-inflammatory treatments with no improvment and was infused with hydroprednisone.