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Belonging to the period before a war, especially the American Civil War.

[From Latin ante bellum, before the war : ante, before; see ante- + bellum, war.]


of or during the period before a war, esp the American Civil War: the antebellum South.
[Latin ante bellum, literally: before the war]


(ˈæn tiˈbɛl əm)

before or existing before the war, esp. the American Civil War.
[1860–65; < Latin ante bellum]
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Adj.1.antebellum - belonging to a period before a war especially the American Civil Warantebellum - belonging to a period before a war especially the American Civil War
nonmodern - not modern; of or characteristic of an earlier time


[ˈæntɪˈbeləm] ADJprebélico (particularmente referido a la guerra civil norteamericana)
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She "arraigns antebellum Virginia in the contemporary court of the 1880s [and] finds the state guilty as charged, though deserving of a suspended sentence.
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The business of letters; authorial economies in antebellum America.
The institutional history of firefighting is well known, typically encompassing the fluorescence of volunteer firefighting companies in the antebellum period, their eclipse by paid departments after the Civil War, and their further professionalization during the Progressive Era.
This analysis not only affords a clearer understanding of Douglass's second autobiography, but also offers fresh insight into the workings of antebellum America's developing discourses of racism, and how these discourses affected not only Douglass's concept of himself but also his conception of race in general.
Among generally loyal and faithful slaves, Turner stood out in Drewry's history as an antebellum aberrant whose animalistic butchery bespoke the compelling need after slavery for continued white supremacy.
Virginia), and though no single individual can be a perfect archetype for an entire nation, he deeply reflected the life of antebellum America and he and the nation struggled to make a name for themselves in the world.
Rethinking the Slave Narrative sets out on a brave and worthy mission--to rescue the reputations of antebellum slave narratives and to redirect the erroneous attitudes that African American fiction developed from a few similarly constructed antebellum texts.
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of Warwick, UK) examines antebellum slavery in Virginia through the words of the slaves themselves, as a case study to understand the balance between the master's power and the agency of the slaves.
It is difficult to imagine that after decades of analysis and voluminous publications on the subject there are still major gaps in our understanding of the antebellum South.