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n. anteflexión, acto de doblarse hacia adelante.
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This device has three degrees of freedom at the shoulder: shoulder plane of elevation (EP, corresponding with clinical terms of shoulder horizontal abduction and/ or adduction), shoulder elevation angle (EA, corresponding with shoulder anteflexion or shoulder abduction), and axial rotation (AR, corresponding with endorotation and/ or exorotation).
Taking video recordings of neck flexion, shoulder elevation, upper extreme abduction, angle of body anteflexion and lateral flexion while the dentist is working, in order to make measurements on the images recorded, should establish the relationship between posture and the presence of LBP and neck pain.
Neurologic reinvestigation (day 34) revealed bilateral ptosis, weak bulbar elevation and abduction to the left, weak head anteflexion, diffuse tetraparesis with proximal predominance, diffuse wasting with distal accentuation, and generally reduced deep tendon reflexes.