antenuptial agreement

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an·te·nup·tial agreement

 (ăn′tə-nŭp′shəl, -chəl)
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Fredericks attorney, respondent Kay Wallerich, had prepared an antenuptial agreement for Frederick and his then-fiance, Cynthia Gatliff, in 2006.
3d DCA 1975) (husband's failure to obtain life insurance policy on his life for benefit of his wife as required by antenuptial agreement constituted abandonment by him of the agreement); Gustafson v.
In order for a court to enforce an antenuptial agreement, there must be full and fair financial disclosure because of the confidential relationship the couple is about to enter.
There the appellate court found that "marriage is sufficient consideration to uphold an antenuptial agreement," and it reversed a trial court by finding that "a religious antenuptial agreement may be enforceable in a court of law, if it complies with contract law.
See Comment, Marriage as Contract and Marriage as Partnership: The Future of Antenuptial Agreement Law, 116 HARV.
For example, the right to elect might be waived in an antenuptial agreement.
36) It provided an avenue for overcoming the antenuptial agreement.
For example, many such objects may not need an antenuptial agreement, as state laws already provide the necessary protection, such as joint tenancy and testamentary devices.
A prenuptial or antenuptial agreement is a document signed by two people who intend to be married, defining their rights and obligations if and when they get divorced.
The Seventh Circuit also noted that previous courts had concluded that payments made under an antenuptial agreement or Marvin-type palimony payments are generally gifts, rather than taxable income.
Appellants attorney, respondent, prepared an antenuptial agreement for appellant and his then-fiance in 2006.