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1. Placed before or in front.
2. Occurring before in time; earlier.
3. Anatomy
a. Located near or toward the head in lower animals.
b. Located on or near the front of the body in higher animals.
c. Located on or near the front of an organ or on the ventral surface of the body in humans.
4. Botany In front of and facing away from the axis or stem.

[Latin, comparative of ante, before; see ant- in Indo-European roots.]

an·te′ri·or′i·ty (-ôr′ĭ-tē, -ŏr′-) n.
an·te′ri·or·ly adv.


1. in an anterior position
2. at a previous time, previously, beforehand
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Adv.1.anteriorly - in an anterior directionanteriorly - in an anterior direction    
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In longitudinal sections near the midline all of the canals appear curved anteriorly from the dorsal to ventral surface (Fig.
Strapparatus fastens anteriorly with four adjustment points and a wide, comfortable elastic strap for easy application, positioning, and removal.
Its posterior aspect was closely related to the adjacent distal sigmoid colon and it appeared anteriorly adherent to the parietal peritoneum.
The authors also found that there was less compression of the middle posterior lung fields in the prone position, presumably from the anteriorly located heart, which may explain the findings of improved right ventricular function seen in the prior study.
In running, an anteriorly (front) tilted pelvis results in overlengthened hamstrings while the quadriceps and hip flexors are short and tight.
Dorsal gut pigment first appeared halfway along the gut where the pigment progressively spread posteriorly toward the anus, and then anteriorly toward the head.
8%) compared with cases where mesh was placed both anteriorly and posteriorly to the vagina.
The more recently investigated mechanism concerns the decrease in effective posterior restraint (increased leaflet slack) caused by anterior redirection of papillary muscle tension; increased length of the residual leaflet, which is relatively free to move anteriorly, unlike the coapted leaflet bodies; and interposition of the leaflets into the path of outflow with the potential to cause drag forces (pushing forces of flow) (5, 6).
It's slightly angulated anteriorly at the distal point, and it's centered on a point midway between the tip of the trochanter and the vastus ridge.
Two mechanisms of burrowing are used: 1) anteriorly directed head thrusts during which the body is thrown into a number of loose curves, pushed against the walls of the tunnel to create friction, and the head is extended from a gathered position of the anterior trunk, and 2) side-to-side shovelling using the rostral scale during which the rostral scale and snout are first passively deflected by the material being shovelled aside and the snout then returns to its rest position before continuing to move in the same direction as the head.
This electrocardiogram calls to mind infarction, injury, and/or ischemia both inferiorly and anteriorly, which, as emphasized by Marriott, also suggests pulmonary embolism (2, 6).