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A mound of soil, sand, or dirt formed by ants or termites in digging or building a nest.



a mound of earth formed by a colony of ants in digging or constructing their underground nest.
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Noun1.anthill - a mound of earth made by ants as they dig their nestanthill - a mound of earth made by ants as they dig their nest
hammock, hillock, hummock, knoll, mound - a small natural hill


[ˈænthɪl] Nhormiguero m
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com, has secured an undisclosed amount of Pre-Series-A investment from Hyderabad Angels, Singapore based M&S Partners and Anthill Ventures.
What is the name of the Anthill Mob's car in the television show Wacky Races?
One man was forced to eat raw chilli, another had to stand on an anthill and a woman was undressed and made to walk along a busy street with a sign around her neck saying, "I'm a thief ".
Luckily, cops stick out like a duck on an anthill when surrounded by a bunch of long-haired rockers.
All of this means that a seedling that germinates from a seed that was lucky enough to land on the sweet, rich soil of an anthill will often get a head-start in the race for the canopy.
The Egyptians won all their matches in the elimination round before defeating Anthill Design Colony in the semifinals.
the ant's nest" shows Simon's Cat holding a magnifying glass over an anthill - but flying, swarming ants surround him in a frenzy (to the delight of some nearby ant-snacking birds)
Bear Heart begins The Wind is My Mother by describing the tasks of his apprenticeship as a medicine man, which included sitting for days in an empty field, laying on a three-foot-wide anthill, and walking unharmed through a den of rattlesnakes.
Featuring new levels, new strange insects, new ant skills and many days of gameplay, the new version of Anthill will be released on November 8.
The Anthill in the Sea By: Atukwei Okai Illustrations by: Philip Amonoo
A FIVE-A-SIDE team from Huddersfield can claim to be the best in the county after being crowned champions at the inaugural West Riding 5ives event, Anthill Mob headed to the tournament at the West Riding FA's Woodlesford ground as winners of the Thursday Premier League at Soccer City in Waterloo for the seventh time.
Hundreds of ants poured from a nearby anthill and gathered before her.