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1. Of or relating to humans or the era of human life.
2. Concerned primarily with humans; anthropocentric.

[Greek anthrōpikos, from anthrōpos, human being.]


(ænˈθrɒpɪk) or


of or relating to human beings


(ænˈθrɒp ɪk)

also an•throp′i•cal,

of or pertaining to human beings or their span of existence on earth.
[1795–1805; < Greek anthrōpikós human. See anthropo-, -ic]
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Adj.1.anthropic - relating to mankind or the period of mankind's existenceanthropic - relating to mankind or the period of mankind's existence
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Supporting argan plantations and arganiculture will also contribute to relieve the anthropic pressure on the natural forest, and improve livelihoods of the communities by moving from a model of fruit collection from natural forests towards sustainable forest co-management.
Then, rather abruptly, Peters shifts his attention to a number of thematic topics: models of nature, the anthropic principle, design, determinism vs.
Inspired by anthropic reasoning behind Doomsday arguments, Nick Bostrom's Simulation Argument says: people who think advanced civilizations would run many fully conscious simulated minds should also think they're probably simulated minds themselves.
Regarding groundwater quality, it depends on hydrochemical parameters, which are highly influenced by geological formations, climate and anthropic activities (Bahia et al.
The results of the application of the habitat diversity protocol at the sites defined for mollusc collections, indicated some type of anthropic alteration (Figure 2).
This is a key aspect in those areas where the interface between well-conserved habitat of protected forest covers and less-conserved habitat with the anthropic occupation show different levels of disturbance.
In both cases it is often erroneously assumed that anthropic manifestations of conscious behavior are defining rather than expressive.
9587222[degrees]W, at 940 m, with dystrophic red yellow latosol of loamy texture), and 3) anthropic area, campus of the "Instituto de Ciencias Agrarias da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais" (16.
Evaluation of the structural reliability of a grandstand subjected to anthropic loads
However, the anthropic principle does not allow one to conclude that physics would have been any different had chance chemical interactions never led to life on this planet.
Abstract: Since morphological markers are recognized as useful tools to evaluate events of anthropic disturbances we performed a preliminary study on head shape variability in the riverine-dwelling Leuctra fusca larvae as early alarm systems in running waters.
Therefore, the existence of an old event, dated around mid Fifth Millennium-Early Fourth Millennium calBC cannot be ruled out, although we lack archaeological evidence to attribute so far, either an anthropic or natural origin.