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1. Regarding humans as the central element of the universe.
2. Interpreting reality exclusively in terms of human values and experience.

an′thro·po·cen′tri·cal·ly adv.
an′thro·po·cen·tric′i·ty (-trĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
an′thro·po·cen′trism n.


regarding man as the most important and central factor in the universe
ˌanthropoˈcentrism n


(ˌæn θrə poʊˈsɛn trɪk)

1. regarding the human being as the central fact of the universe.
2. assuming human beings to be the final aim and end of the universe.
3. viewing and interpreting everything in terms of human experience and values.
an`thro•po•cen′tri•cal•ly, adv.
an`thro•po•cen′trism, n.
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Adj.1.anthropocentric - human-centered; "our anthropocentric view of the world"


[ˌænθrəʊʊˈsentrɪk] ADJantropocéntrico


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stresses how the so-called anthropocentric nature of Rahner's theology is theocentrically grounded: the human person exists for God, not the other way around.
secular humanism actually contributes to the process of overhumanization precisely because it denies the ultimate ground of human existence and reduces human value to the purely anthropocentric realm.
For those looking to correct anthropocentric strains in theology, Holiness provides a reorientation toward God's sovereignty.
We will hear the mumbo jumbo language of the above parties, who will spout forth phrases such as anthropocentric climate change with which they hope will confuse us into submission.
seeks to distance himself from transignification, the anthropocentric strictures of that position remain: "When Christ, who as a divine person is the truth .
Other scholars have reached more sophisticated explanations, from the regulation of space to the aesthetics of disgust and propriety; from the complexities of identity formation and change to the entrenchment of anthropocentric views of civilization.
Feminist Critique of the Androcentric and Anthropocentric Tendencies in Christianity (1)
be achieved by adopting an anthropocentric approach to environmental
In addition, the great participation demonstrates the internal unity between the hotel and the employees regarding the anthropocentric philosophy that Creta Maris advocates.
Moreover MAN-MADE promotes the vision of an effective integration of this anthropocentric factory within the social environment toward the implementation of context-aware factories that promotes and take advantage of extended services to the workers in terms of accessibility, inclusiveness, efficiency and work satisfaction.
While ostensibly belonging within the compass of the so-called linguistic turn in twentieth-century thought, which "examines the way in which language constrains and influences what thought can conceive," Heidegger's approach, Ziarek argues, is distinguished by its emphatic break with the general anthropocentric and epistemological perspective of linguistic philosophy.
Daniel Naude's exhibition of photographic artworks, "African Scenery & Animals", is discussed in this article, to consider the ways in which images of animal beings are mostly received as figurative vehicles for anthropocentric narratives.