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Noun1.anthropology department - the academic department responsible for teaching and research in anthropologyanthropology department - the academic department responsible for teaching and research in anthropology
academic department - a division of a school that is responsible for a given subject
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Assistant-Keeper of Comparative Anthropology Department, 1893.
Peggy Reeves Sanday, PhD , professor emerita at the University of Pennsylvania, where she taught in the anthropology department from l972 to 2010, will present A Meta-cultural Approach to Sexual Assault: "I desire mercy and not sacrifice.
After completing a doctorate in African-American studies and anthropology at Yale University in 2014, Lara accepted a post as visiting scholar at the University of Oregon's Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies in the Anthropology Department.
This episode also includes an utterly false and possibly libelous besmirching of the Anthropology Department of the Smithsonian Institution.
He was Wyoming's first State Archaeologist, and was a founder of the University of Wyoming Anthropology Department.
They also snatched laptops, cash and mobile phones from students of QauideAzam University near Anthropology department on December 22, 2014.
Bishkek will host the student conference "Central and Inner Asia: Historical and Cultural Ties" on November 22, the Anthropology Department of the American University of Central Asia organizes the event.
The University of Alberta's anthropology department excavated the site, removed the remains, and stored them until it was possible to return them to their descendants.
The University of Alberta completed the excavation, storing the remains and artifacts in sealed boxes in the anthropology department.
Gildner, a doctoral student in the UO's anthropology department said.
Other archaeologists from Europe as well as American Benjamin Mutin of the Anthropology Department at Harvard University had no problem at the airport, the Tehran Times reported.

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