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n. pl. an·thro·poph·a·gi (-jī′)
A person who eats human flesh; a cannibal.

[Latin anthrōpophagus, from Greek anthrōpophagos, man-eating : anthrōpo-, anthropo- + -phagos, -phagous.]

an′thro·po·phag′ic (-pə-făj′ĭk), an′thro·poph′a·gous (-pŏf′ə-gəs) adj.
an′thro·poph′a·gy (-jē) n.
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Noun1.anthropophagus - a person who eats human fleshanthropophagus - a person who eats human flesh  
barbarian, savage - a member of an uncivilized people
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While admitting that some form of ritual anthropophagy did exist among the natives in the Caribbean or Polynesia or in other parts of the ever-expanding New World, Obeyesekere focuses correctly on the impact of an European discourse of cannibalism upon the native pre-contact anthropophagus rituals that brought forth a native counterdiscourse of cannibalism as complex as the European one it parodies.
26 Exclamation to an anthropophagus that a Mexican snack promotes middle-aged spread Xx, xxxxxxxx, xxxx xx xxxxx
You could have stepped over their threshold before the flood of dawns, over whelmed by fragrant elans, to flood yourself along with the lakes from the walls, to jump with the snowballs lost in the eyes of the anthropophagus bushes, to utter once more--for the last time--that word which hangs on the transparent icon of your restless neck: "rust.