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(ăn′tē-chois′, ăn′tī-)
Opposed to the right of women to choose to terminate a pregnancy by induced abortion.
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It is unconscionable that my Republican colleagues are moving to confirm a Circuit Court nominee that is so clearly anti-women, anti-choice, and so clearly unqualified and unfit to serve on the benchThere are so many troubling aspects of Bushs record, previous statements, writings, and legal viewsthey should alarm every American.
The Liberal government announcement came after ARCC revealed in April that 58 anti-choice groups had received Canada summer jobs funding in several ridings since 2011.
Chants included "DUP, go away, anti-choice, anti-gay".
A sea of anti-choice acts since the election Emboldened by the presidential win, there are numerous anti-choice bills that have been introduced.
Despite the anti-choice policies of President George Bush, he surely still had a human face on population and development, but with Trump, no one can be so sure.
Nonetheless, anti-choice organizations continue their attempts to disseminate this myth through advertising campaigns and so-called "informed consent laws.
Pro-choice advocates are not anti-life, anti-choice advocates seek to eliminate a woman's right to choose.
I had worked with Planned Parenthood during university in Michigan and witnessed anti-choice protests, but training in a country where up to 5,000 women have to travel abroad each year to access abortion services truly shocked me.
So there you have it proven - a zealous anti-motorist organisation, anti-choice, anti-personal freedom and anti-personal responsibility.
Wade on January 22 by pushing through the House an anti-choice bill designed to bar abortion health care coverage for millions of women.
We're living in a time with record closures of clinics and a record number of anti-choice laws being passed by state legislatures, especially by our leaders in Topeka.
The regulations, part of a national anti-choice strategy to shrink the number of abortion providers, were a victory for Virginia's Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, who was being touted as a potential vice-presidential nominee.