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So there was much glee among anti-globalisers when he rejected some aspects of globalisation.
This is a book about North-South relations, so he does not quite engage with those anti-globalisers in developed countries who are preoccupied with the impact of global-isation on them, although they often use the impact on developing economies to buttress their argument.
Perhaps the anti-globalisers want to stop the world because they are worried about their declining market?
The other is that it will be captured and championed by the anti-globalisers (their disparate nature defies the use of the term movement).
However, the craze for fast food, so vehemently attacked by anti-globalisers such as the French farmer Jose Bove is not nearly as harmful as the craze for fast ideas like the quick judgement of the numerous hate lobbies that coerce public opinion and pressure government to pass illiberal legislation.
As for the rhetoric, he said that while anti-globalisers were asking many of the right questions, he doubted whether they had the right answers.