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1. A foolish or ludicrous act; a caper: The students' antics got them into trouble.
2. Archaic A buffoon, especially a performing clown.
adj. Archaic
Ludicrously odd; bizarre.

[From Italian antico, ancient (used of grotesque designs on some ancient Roman artifacts), from Latin antīquus, former, old; see ant- in Indo-European roots.]

an′ti·cal·ly adv.


(ˈæntɪkəlɪ) or


in a ludicrous or grotesque manner
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An aspect of showing off is built into ottava rima; but by writing in those stanzas, I'm cross-dressing as Byron or antically reinhabiting a dead body, Byron's dead body, and playing around with the Byronic costume.
In and despite its beauty, it must turn pale, turn black, turn frosty, open its wounds to a rain of irony, bear the strain and woe of great thinking, suffer obliquity, be tossed in with prose, look through the wrong end of a telescope, have the eyes of a microscope, be as crazily angled, broken, curved, and sloped as a Frank Gehry building, wax antically imaginative, be sly, slash, do this, do that, do one or more of any number of things, like John Berryman did, just so long as it's awake enough to smell the stench of history and realize the horror of the abyss in the black pupils of everyone's eyes--again, as Berryman did.
Further, the new terms of engagement may be geopolitical, but work from the "First World" must have a powerful aesthetic surplus or an antically unrecognizable political dimension in order to gain access.