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 (ăn′tē-kən-vŭl′sənt, ăn′tī-)
A drug that prevents or relieves convulsions.

an′ti·con·vul′sive (-sĭv) adj.


preventing or alleviating convulsions
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Asymmetries of pursuits are often detected in cases of drug intoxication including anticonvulsive types and psychoactive drugs such as benzodiazepine, in individuals with a history of heavy alcohol consumption, and in degenerative diseases involving the cerebellum or extrapyramidal system.
Epilepsy: Black seeds were traditionally known to have anticonvulsive properties.
The biological mechanisms of vinpocetine include inhibition of hypoxic damage to brain tissue, scavenging of hydroxyl radicals, anticonvulsive activity, modulation of several chemical transmitter systems, and inhibition of the reuptake of adenosine (thought to be a major endogenous anticonvulsant and cerebral protectant).
Effects of anticonvulsive drugs on pentylenetetrazol kindling and long-term potentiation in freely moving rats.
In addition, transplantation for SCD may have unique complications such as cerebrovascular occlusive/haemorrhagic episodes with stroke, convulsions requiring prophylaxis with anticonvulsive therapy, meticulous control of electrolytes, and maintaining higher than baseline blood haemoglobin levels and platelet counts throughout the procedure.
Over time patients seek powerful painkilling drugs or other antidepressant or anticonvulsive medication to ease their pain as triggers become unpredictable.
Abstract: Long-term anticonvulsive treatments have been poorly described in birds, and few pharmacokinetic studies have been performed, with mixed results.
Anxiolytic and anticonvulsive activity of Sesbania grundiflora leaves in experimental animals, Phytother Res, 16(5): 455-60.
An extensive search of the scientific data bank SciFinder[R] revealed recent results concerning the phytochemistry and possible anticonvulsive actions of the plants.
We took him off the anticonvulsive medication, and he was just beginning to say some words.
Theoretically you could use the electrode arrays to monitor neural activity and once you detect a sign of a seizure you could pump anticonvulsive drugs at just the right location," New Scientist quoted Cui as saying.