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(Physiology) (of nerve fibres) conducting nerve impulses in a direction opposite to normal
[from anti- + Greek dromos course]


(ˌæn tɪˈdrɒm ɪk)

conducting nerve impulses in a direction opposite to the usual one.
[1905–10; anti- + -drom (ous) + -ic]
an`ti•drom′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.antidromic - conducting nerve impulses in a direction opposite to normalantidromic - conducting nerve impulses in a direction opposite to normal
physiology - the branch of the biological sciences dealing with the functioning of organisms
abnormal, unnatural - not normal; not typical or usual or regular or conforming to a norm; "abnormal powers of concentration"; "abnormal amounts of rain"; "abnormal circumstances"; "an abnormal interest in food"
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In terms of physiology this means that ortho- and antidromic waves can be generated from a localized excitation [79].
Recording the SNAP orthodromically refers to distal nerve stimulation and recording more proximally (the direction, in which physiological sensory conduction occurs) antidromic testing is the reverse (Figure 1).
Median sensory NCSs were performed using the antidromic technique; the recording electrode was placed over the palmar surface of the second digit and the nerve was stimulated from the wrist at 13 cm.
30] In an antidromic sensory conduction study performed in 59 patients with mild CTS demonstrated that recordings for digit I were the most sensitive measurements in the detection of decelerations in focal sensory nerve conduction velocities across wrists.
1) In a minority of cases, conduction is antidromic, i.
In that study for the ulnar nerve, abnormality seen by motor conduction velocity was identified in 28%, sensory antidromic conduction velocity using digit five in 46% and orthodromic sensory conduction of the dorsal cutaneous branch in 82%.
Antidromic sensory conductions of sural, median and ulnar sensory action potentials (SNAP) were recorded.
Carotid sinus massage or adenosine may terminate an antidromic AVRT.
sup][30] High frequency stimulation of the upstream (EC) and downstream (FX) structures of the hippocampus both shown to affect the spatial memory associated with the hippocampus in our study, indicating that DBS may have an impact on the neural network, which is associated with the stimulated structure in both the orthodromic and antidromic directions.
SP biologic functions consist in local axon reflex vasodilatation, acceleration of epidermal and endothelial cell proliferation, mast cell degranulation, antidromic vasodilatation, and liberation of inflammation mediators from macrophages and T lymphocytes.
Antidromic (retrograde) PSVT is due to a reentry circuit conducting from the bundle of Kent to the ventricles, and then retrograde through the His-Purkinje system and AV node to the atria.
Release of somatostatin and its role in the mediation of the anti-inflammatory effect induced by antidromic stimulation of sensory fibers of rat sciatic nerve.