(ăn′tē-lŏk′, ăn′tī-)
Of or being a motor vehicle braking system that electronically monitors and adjusts individual wheel speeds during braking to prevent the wheels from locking.
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For the first time, brand-independent workshops in the independent automotive aftermarket are able to access an original part for repairing antilock braking systems.
The vehicle features six airbags, including front dual, side and curtain, an antilock braking system, speed sensing auto door lock, impact sensing auto door unlock and a reverse parking camera with dynamic guidelines for safety.
Features such as antilock braking system, and electronic stability control are incorporated in automotive braking system, making them more reliable and safer.
Specifically, the seals on the antilock brake pumps can leak the fluid and if owners see the antilock brake warning light on for 10 seconds after starting up, they should park outside and call their dealership.
The families of Claire McCluskey, 18, Deirdre Scanlon, 17, Lisa Callan, 15, Amy McCabe, 15, and 14-year-old Sinead Ledwidge heard at the inquest if the antilock braking system fitted on the bus had been working properly, the wheels would not have locked up and the driver would have been able to maintain control of it.
The 2014 Toyota Camry RZ Limited Edition also includes antilock disc brakes, stability and traction control, front- and rear-seat side airbags, side curtain airbags for both driver and passenger, sunroof as well as dual AC system and cruise control.
Key statement: An enhanced wheel data processing unit may analyze tire air temperature data from a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and antilock brake system (ABS) wheel speed sensor fault codes from an ABS controller within a vehicle.
The Escape recall follows a similar action in 2007 to fix a flaw in the antilock brake system, according to a Ford filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Volumes three and four describe modeling techniques and validation methods for a power window, antilock braking, a charging system, electronic products, and microcontroller performance.
Antilock braking systems for automobiles first entered Americans public consciousness through advertising campaigns in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
More than 75 percent of the antilock brake system program updates have been performed on the 147,500 Prius and Lexus models subject to the recall, it said.
At least 100 drivers of Prius cars in the US have complained to the government that their antilock brakes seemed to fail momentarily while driving on bumpy roads.