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 (ăn′tē-lôg′, -lŏg′, ăn′tī-)
An antilogarithm.


(Mathematics) short for antilogarithm


(ˈæn tɪˌlɔg, -lɒg)

[1905–10; by shortening]
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Noun1.antilog - the number of which a given number is the logarithm
numeral, number - a symbol used to represent a number; "he learned to write the numerals before he went to school"
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Design for the log and antilog coder is adopted from the Paul's et al.
As a final supplement to regression results, I included Figure 1 to provide the reader with a visual sense of the gendered effect of body size on income for women and men, after controls, again based on the antilog of predicted log-income estimates for the total sample (Table 2, column 3).
centered) Environmental Regressing industry sales over five years Dynamism prior to the first move on time and then taking the antilog of the standard error from the growth equation.
Geometric mean mass of vertebrate prey (Marti, 2007) was calculated as antilog ([summation][n.
The geometric mean intensity (GMI) of microfilaraemia was calculated as antilog ([summation]log (x+1)/n), with 'x' being the number of mf per ml of blood in microfilaraemic individuals and 'n' the number of microfilaraemic individuals examined.
The total sum of biomass (all species) in each size class was then normalized by dividing the biomass by the antilog body size interval of each respective size class, as is commonly done in analyses of biomass spectra (Kerr, 1974; Sprules et al.
In addition, taking the antilog of predicted values, [e.
To interpret the effects of the easements on value, one must account for the functional form (natural log) of the dependent variable by calculating the antilog of the coefficient in question and then subtracting one.
The antilog of the incremental OD can be plotted against the incremental energy of filter pairs, and plotted at the wavelength where the filter pairs are centered.
001 Notes: The odds ratio is the antilog of the B, and standard errors are in parentheses.
Antilog (e*) of these lower and upper limits in order gives the 95% confidence interval for the population relative risk.